Basics of SEO – Brief Introduction for Beginners

basics of seo

There are thousands of new blogs, and millions of blog posts are published in a single day. So how you expect that your blog post shows on google’s first page? It’s all due to SEO, your post will rank on google only with Search Engine Optimization.

In this article, I will introduce you to SEO. We will learn the ABC of SEO. Hehe yes, ABC of SEO, I mean basics of SEO and some fundamentals of search engine optimization.

Basics of SEO

Basic seo

Where did the word SEO come from?

The first search engine originated in the early 90s. Until Google came out in 1996, many were established, including Yahoo! The Web boom began. People realized that money could be made from them.

So they concluded that they needed to attract traffic. What was the best method of attracting traffic? Search engines. At that period the owners of the web commenced to think about how they could reach the first position … SEO was born!

SEO points on organic search results, that is not paid.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. To optimize your content regarding any search engine is called SEO.

SEO is only applicable to search engines. There are many types of search engines like general, video, image, text or pdf search engine etc.

Meant by Basic SEO?

It is a term used for beginners who don’t know much about SEO. Introducing a beginner to SEO is called basic SEO.

Types of SEO

On Page SEO

SEO on the site is interested in relevance. On page is also known for basic SEO of Site. This ensures that the Internet is optimized so that the search engine understands the main thing, which is the content of the same. As part of SEO on the site, we would include keyword optimization, load time, user experience, code optimization, and URL format.

Technical SEO

This is actually a part of on-page SEO but it is literally specific to technical skills. Like speed optimization, silo structure etc.


Off-site SEO is a part of SEO work that focuses on factors that are not related to the web page we are working on. The most important SEO factors outside a site are the number and quality of links, availability on social media, mentions in local media, brand credibility, and effectiveness in search results, i.e. the CTR that our customers have. results in a search engine.

You probably think it’s all very good and that it’s very interesting, but you’re here to find out why you need SEO on your site and what benefits you’ll get if you incorporate it into your online strategy.

Why SEO is Important?

Some of the people say SEO is not so important we can drive traffic through our social media but social media traffic is not much converting, I will prove it.

The main reason for the need for SEO is what makes your site more useful for both users and search engines. Although they still don’t see the web page the way a person sees it. SEO is needed to help search engines understand what is being talked about on each page and is useful to users.

Now let’s give an example to see things more clearly:

We have e-commerce dedicated to selling children’s books. Well, for the term “coloring” about 673,000 searches a month. Assuming that the first result that appears after a Google search receives 22% of clicks (CTR = 22%), we get about 148,000 visits per month.

Now, how much are these 148,000 visits worth? Well, if for this period the average cost per click is 0.20 euros, we are talking about more than 29,000 euros per month. It is only in Spain when we have a business focused on several countries, every hour in the world is conducted 1.4 billion searches. Of these searches, 70% of clicks are on organic results, and 75% of users do not reach the second page. If we take all this into account, we will see that for the first result a lot of monthly clicks.

Just on page and Basic SEO is the best way to find users by searching in which your site is relevant. These users are looking for what you deliver them. The best way to contact them is through a search engine.

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