5+ Best Free Backlink Checker Tools

best free backlink checker tools

(Best Free Backlink Checker Tools) To create backlinks for your website you must know where your competitors got links and also you must know who is linking your site.

Some times your any competitors in jealousy creates bad backlinks for your site which kill your all SEO practices.

To disavow your backlinks, you must know which sites are linking to your site.

Dont worry I am here with 5 Best Free backlink Checker tools that can help you to find out your bad backlinks and your competitor’s backlinks.

Best Free Backlink Checker Tools

Google Search Console

As in the title search console by Google is one of the best free backlink checker tools for website owners. If you are the owner of a website you can check your backlinks using the Google search console.


This is a tool by Neil Patel using this you can search keywords and audit any website including its backlinks.

Unersuggest provide some backlinks for free and if you want a full list of backlinks for a certain domain you have to pay for it.


Semrush actually a paid SEO tool but it offers backlink checking for your competitor free of cost for a certain limit.

It is different from other tools. Almost all other SEO tools provide 5 to 10 backlinks for free and then ask for payment for a full backlink list. But semrush gives you 10 searches for free you can get a full list of backlinks for up to ten domains.


Ahrefs also a paid tool but it has the best free backlink checker tool for checking competitor’s backlinks. It gives us unlimited free searches to check backlinks for any domain. But is limited to show the backlink list.

It allows you to see the top 100 backlinks if you need more you have to pay.


This is a full free tool. This allows you to check your competitor’s backlinks free of cost. You just have to sign up and you can check the backlinks of 3 domains per day.

Final Thoughts

If you only want to know who is linking you then google search console is the best tool for checking your backlinks. But if you are want to spy on your competitor in backlinks you must go with ubersuggest, SEObility.

If you can pay some money on tools so Semrush and Ahrefs is the best option for you. But both allow some searches for free.

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