15+ Best ways to Earn money online when you sleep

best ways to earn money online

There are so many best ways to earn money online and I will discuss the 15 best ways from which you will be able to earn passive income online. In these ways, all are trusted and generate long-lasting Income for you.

Using these ways, you will be able to Earn Money while you are sleeping on your bed.

I am just starting today’s post so hold your heart and scroll down to grab the top 15 and the best ways to earn money online.

15+ Best ways to earn money online

EBook selling

If you are special in any subject or having writing skills on any topic and having the experience to do anything. Just start writing an e-book. An ebook is simply a book in soft form. There are many platforms where you able to sell your ebooks.

Affiliate Marketing

Almost half of the marketing is based on Affiliate networking system. In this method, both product owner and affiliate marketers are in profit. Because the owner of the product has not to pay when his product can’t be sell.   From this method, you have to sign up for an e-commerce website or any software selling platform which gives you an affiliate income to sell their product, and the customer has no charged for an extra price for this particular product which you promoted for affiliate commission.

  Join Affiliate(Physical Product)

Join Affiliate(Web Hosting)

Run a Blog

Running a blog is a very hot topic and the best way to earn money online and this is the real way to make passive income from a blog. There are hundreds and thousands of people that life has changed by starting a single blog. A blog is just like a website that is updating daily for a specific period of time. Having content for visitors and providing value in their lives.

A blog has so many articles now you thinking that you don’t know how to write an article you can hire an article writer for your blog or you can easily write a 500 words article on any topic which you interested.

You can monetize your blog with Google Adsense ad or there are many Adsense alternate from which you can monetize your blog.

There is an idea for running an event blog. Most people are running event blogs and there are more chances to go viral on WhatsApp or any other social with this script for eid Mubarak wishing script because more people feel happy to share with their friends and family.

Learn Blogging in Urdu


Working freely is known as freelancing. In this method, you have to find out clients and you must have a soft skill that can be able to sell online. There are many freelancing marketplaces where you can sell your services.   There are so many websites that help you to sell your services online to potential costumers.  

Join Low Competition Freelance Marketplace

Service/Product website

Build a website from which you will sell your services as well as your physical products, product websites are also called e-commerce website. There are many platforms where you make your product website.   You can make an e-commerce website using Wix or WordPress in addition you need a domain name and web hosting provider which can help your e-commerce site live.  

Digital Marketing

All methods to sell anything on the internet is falls in digital marketing. There are almost 11 or more different types of digital marketing. Digital Marketing is a huge term SEO, SEM, and Social media marketing are included in this term.    You can sell your products or services using digital marketing techniques.

Digital Marketing is not only a word of one thing its a whole term on which the whole internet is running away. 

URL shortening

Many websites pay you for each visitor which derives from your unique and short link. In this method when you are sharing any link to your friends or followers. You have to short your URL from these websites and they will provide you a shorter link. When you share it with your friend and they click on it so your friends have you see a 5 Sec ad and then they will redirect to original and targeted links.

App Creation

Create an application software for mobile users and you can monetize your app with ad networks available in the market.

Your thinking that you have not any technical skills for building an app or are no familiar with coding. So I just tell you that there are many online platforms from which you will be able to create your app without coding and most platforms you will find from google which charge you for creating an app for you.

Domain/Hosting buy and sell

Start a business of buy and selling hostings or domains. You know that in order to buy any domain or hostings we must have a visa or MasterCard in Pakistan most of the users don’t have own it. So you have a great opportunity to avail this in profit. There is a list of best web hosting providers and domain name providers that can help you to do this business.

Referral Program

There are several platforms that pay you for each referred person. Just like affiliate networks but in case of referral system, you will earn an income per each referred or a specific percentage they earn or spend on a specific website for a lifetime.  

Courses Selling

If you are specialized in any subject or perfect in any skill so you have to create your videos and make your own platform for selling your course or upload your courses on some websites like udemy.   A website named udemy which gives you an opportunity to sell you courses on it.

Conduct Webinars

Are you familiar with seminars? Webinar is the same term as a seminar but the seminar is physically conducted but webinar conducts by websites or any meeting plate forms you can charge a certain amount for your webinar. Webinar is very good for those people who have not more time and money to spend on your courses.

Sell Photos Online

You are thinking about how we can sell photos and which photo to capture? Don’t worry if you are a passionate photographer. Online Earning is very easy when you are passionate. And I know 90% + photographers are passionate. There are several platforms (like; Shutterstock) where you can sell your photos which you captured by your choice.

Video Creation

In this way, you have to create videos and upload them on any social media platform. However, it pays you directly or not because when you posting your videos on media people will know you and follow you as well.  Now a great audience around you now you to sell your products either affiliate products.

Build Audience

You know we talked above for 14 ways for earning money but if you have no traffic you can’t be able to work for these methods. So without traffic it can’t possibly. For each method, you must have a little traffic in your blog, channel, or on social media. You remembered I told you for making videos on any social media. When you have an audience on your social media brands and companies will reach you and sponsor you for reviewing or promoting their products either physical or digital.  


We have discussed 15 the best ways to earn money online so which way are suites to your passion or your personality just choose it and start with the first step because without the first step you will not be able to earn a passive income online.

these all best ways to earn money online but you must keep in mind some things:

  • You may patient for some month if there is no money you get in the first months.
  • you may consistent in doing your online work.
  • the most important thing is you are passionate in that way which you chose to earn money online.

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