10+ Unique and Different Types of Digital Marketing

Different types of digital marketing

What’s up guys…! Hope you are well and staying at home safe and sound. In these days digital marketing trends and more of the people are interested in doing digital marketing but don’t know about the different types of digital marketing.   Just knowing about digital marketing they think this is only a one-term using for internet marketing but they don’t know how large it is?

What are the different types of digital marketing?

So this blog post will be a guide to beginners who are not familiar with digital marketing too.   Today we will discuss about 11 different types of digital marketing.  

Search Engine Optimization

It is also known as SEO. This is the major type of digital marketing from which the conversation rate is very high from all other types. In this technique of digital marketing, we beat our competitors which are already ranked in a search engine. Basically, we have to know about how a search engine works and we have to rank our website against specific keywords and specific countries nowadays either for a region.

Search Engine Marketing

This is also the same as SEO but SEO is totally free of cost and in SEM we have to pay a search engine to show our website on specific keywords. I n this method, search engines show our ad to a user which searches related to our product or service.

SEMrush - different types of digital marketing

Pay per Click Marketing

Usually, we also called SEM as pay per click advertising but pay per click is totally a different term. In this type of digital marketing, we paid to some ad networks like Google AdWords to show our ads on different websites related to our content and associated with their ad network. You have to create a static or gifs to promote your brand. Usually, this type of digital marketing is used for brand awareness and to give discount offers to customers.

Social Media Marketing

This type is described by its name as well. We have to choose social media channels for our digital marketing strategy. I t is sometimes free and some time paid. Wh en you creating content on social media and didn’t spend any single dollar so it will be free and you will market your products.When you pay to any social to display your ads to particular users with particular interest.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most effective and converting types of digital marketing. In this type of digital marketing, we have to create our own and unique content to provide value to our customers and for the future, we will be able to collect leads from our customers which will convert into sales. A content can be in the form of articles, videos, pictures or ebooks, etc.   A Content Marketing must have a strategy from which we have to create content and also keep in mind these steps when you creating a content:   You must know the need of your product in the market You must know how popular your product is You must know what people actually searching on the internet regarding your content

Video Marketing

Video marketing is related to social media marketing but we separated it because there are social media platforms that disallow video marketing.   The world’s largest video platform is youtube and it also used by a huge community for video marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing relates to commissions per sale of a product. There are many platforms that pay an affiliate commission to marketers that sell their products.   Affiliate marketing is also in e-commerce platforms and also for some software that is paid.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are those who have a huge amount of traffic on their social media channels and have a great face value and having a well-defined audience.   Companies will directly approach to those influencers and promote their products.   Influencer marketing usually has more conversation rates at a low cost. So it is a very effective type of digital marketing.

Inbox Marketing

types of digital marketing - email marketing

In this type, we approach to the inbox of the customer. We collect leads from our customers by giving them free ebooks, offers, and joining through free webinars.   In these days inbox marketing is many types.

Email Marketing

First and most effective is email marketing in this type we have to send emails to our subscribers and sell them our services. As you know your email address will never change after creating it. So it’s very good when our mail will deliver to the right address. On e tip to do an effective email marketing don’t sell your product or service directly to your customer first you have to build an effective relationship by delivering the knowledge and adding values in their lives.

SMS Marketing

Many of the time you must receive an SMS from companies which provide you discount offers and deals for there product and some time they introduce you to their products or services.   This is One more effective type of marketing is SMS marketing actually this type is outdated for now.

Whatsapp/Messenger Marketing

The most and marketing type of this era is a messenger or WhatsApp marketing in this type we send our promotional messages from WhatsApp or messenger  

Tele Marketing

More of the time you have received calls from a lady who talks to you very politely and asks you to purchase their package or to make a deposit in their e-wallet. Actually, it was a type of digital marketing which is called marketing.

Viral Marketing

It last but not least unusual type of digital marketing, It’s rather difficult to do because every content which we create may viral or may not. However, there are more possibilities to go viral and trend with the market when we create content on the requirements of customers and judge their needs.

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