Make $450+ Per Month | PHP Domain Age Checker Script

domain age checker script

Download the domain age checker script for free and earn $450+ each month by making the site. Responsive tool for checking the age of any domain. It’s a PHP-based tool but no need to create any database.

Live Demo of PHP Script

See the Live Demo of the Tool by clicking the link below. I have uploaded the script on my website so you can see the live demo and check how the tool works.

Potential of Domain Age Checker Tool

The keyword Domain Age Checker is more than 22K and the CPC of $2.2. Let’s imagine the minimum CTR is 1 percent so 200 clicks will be on our ads. With this Ratio, you can make More than $450+ per month.

Download Domain Age Checker Script

Fill out the fields below and click on download to download the script.

How to Upload This Script?

For Root Domain

First of all, go to CPanel of your web hosting. Then go to the file manager of your hosting. If you want that your tool will be run on your root domain and have only one domain connected to your hosting so, click on the public_html and upload the downloaded file directly in public_html.

Then Extract the file and double-click on extracted file. Move all the inner files to public_html.

In case you have multiple sites connected with your hosting so select on domain or subdomain in file manager. And follow all the previous steps.

For Page

In case your want to run your tool in a subdirectory like as a separate page. Upload the file in public_html and Extract it.

Now Rename the extracted file “domain-age-checker” to which you want to be your tool is opened.

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