How to Get Unlimited Free Rides on Uber 2020

Uber free rides

What Is Uber?

Uber is a riding application where a captain and rider meet with this app.

Both rider and driver of the cap have an account on the Uber app and when a rider book his ride the nearest captain comes to deliver him on his destination.

Most of the time uber gives free rides and promo codes to riders for promotional purposes.

How to get unlimited Free Rides On uber 2019 in Pakistan

Uber give always promotional codes that offer all kinds of ride credits for new Uber users, but if you are an existing Uber user, you will not get more opportunities for more freebies.

Uber promotional codes that work for existing customers are nearly impossible to find, as they are created only for a limited time.

Although Uber does not offer promotional codes to existing users, there are many other ways to earn free Uber credits and discounts.

There are no publicly available Uber promo codes for existing users.

The promotional codes for existing users are only created by Uber for special promotional events, and the codes expire a few hours after the event ends.

Almost all the codes you find online are for new users who have never requested a ride. It is usually a waste of time to look for promotional codes that work for existing customers, because most have expired or only for new users.

Earn a free ride for every friend who signs up with your code and rides.

Use the ‘Free Rides’ feature to get free Uber rides as an existing user.

Existing users can use the “Free Rides” feature of the Uber app to find and share your own promotional code.

You can text an invitation to your contacts, and if they sign up with your link or promotional code and take a spin, you will receive a free ride credit.

If you are in a large group situation, and you need to get more than one Uber, you are offering your promotional code to one of your group members who has never downloaded the app, and you both get quick free ride credits.

Follow easy steps in order to get free rides

Select Free Rides

Open uber app and Simply click Free Rides option in the Uber app. If you don’t have an uber account so you have to create a uber account and put ‘ muhammadr38739ui ‘ as a promo to get your first ride free.

IMG 20190627 105722

Find your Code

View your Uber free ride code in this section and Tap “Invite Friends”

IMG 20190627 105742

Select Platform

Choose the media where you send your invite code to your friends and family.

Screenshot 2019 06 27 10 56 45 296 android

In this way, you and your friend both will get a ride free up to 120 rupees, this cost may vary with region.

I have given you a FREE Uber ride (up to Rs120). To claim your free gift, sign up using this link:

Click here or use this promo code to get you first free ride ‘ muhammadr38739ui ‘

Download Uber Now


If you are an existing user and wanna get free rides you have to invite your family members or friends and them they install with your promo code you will get a free ride.

If you don’t install yet so put ‘ muhammadr38739ui ‘promo code to get first free ride.

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