How to Reduce Spam Score

how to reduce spam score

Spam Score is a digital rating system that evaluates the spam quality of a domain or website. It is an essential metric for SEO and is provided by the Moz SEO tool. The Spam Score ranges from 1-100, with higher scores indicating a higher risk of penalties from search engines like Google. In this article, we will explore what Spam Score is, why it matters, how to check it, and how to reduce it to maintain the health and success of your website or domain.

If the spam score of a domain or website is between 1 and 30, then that domain is in the green zone and is safe.
The same if the spam score of the domain is between 31 and 60, then the domain comes in the yellow zone, that is, in the danger zone.

But if the spam score of your domain is between 61 and 100, then it is very dangerous. And Google or any other search engine can penalize your domain.

Why does the spam score increase?

What is the reason for the high Spam Score? People have different thoughts regarding this question. Often we create Backlinks to get any Blog or Blog Post ranked. And most of such new bloggers start making backlinks indiscriminately on their websites.

And in such a situation, this is where the biggest mistake is made by new bloggers. That they make backlinks from any other Spam Website to make backlinks. And the Spam Juice of that Spam Website starts coming on your domain. Due to this the spam score of your domain or website becomes high.

How do check Website Spam Score?

So friends, now it comes to know how can we check the Spam Score of any domain or website. Because above we have come to know what is Spam Score? So now I have given below the easiest way to check spam scores.

  • To check your spam score, you have to go to Spam Score Checker Tool.
  • Now you have to paste the Domain Name or Website URL in the first box.
  • After this, by verifying I’m not a Robot below, click on the Check button.
  • Now you will see the Spam Score of that domain or website as well as the Stats of DA and PA.

How to reduce spam scores?

To check the spam score of a domain, first, we have to find the spam backlinks for that domain. You can use SEO tools like Ahrefs, MOZ, and SEMRush to find bad backlinks.

For this, by logging in to MOZ, first of all, take out the list of spam backlinks of your domain and then all these backlinks save in excel File. Now you have to create this list according to googles guideline, which google’s disavow tool will accept. Use this disavow file generator tool to generate disavow files.

Then go to google’s disavow tool and select property if you have multiple domains and then upload the disavow file which you downloaded from the above tool.

Now, this tool will remove all these spam score links from your domain. And in this way, you can easily fix your Spam Score.

What are the disadvantages of having high Spam Score?

If the Spam Score of your domain is high, then first of all Google can Penalize your domain.
Due to Spam Score Too Much, a lot of change can be seen in the Technical SEO of your website or domain.
If your domain spam score increases day by day, then your website may be removed from Google or any other search engine.


In conclusion, the Spam Score is an important metric for measuring the spam quality of a domain or website. It is crucial to maintain a low Spam Score to avoid penalties from search engines and ensure good technical SEO. If your Spam Score is high, it is important to identify and remove bad backlinks and use tools like the disavow tool to generate disavow files. By taking these steps, you can reduce your Spam Score and ensure the long-term health and success of your website or domain.

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