How to See tags of Youtube video

how to see youtube tags

Copy the URL And see any youtube Video tags using a mobile app

Are you looking for an app that will suggest tags for your youtube videos? Are you boredom with searching about how to see youtube tags?

So your wait is over now this is the right place where you get the app for your youtube video tags.
Just scroll down and get all information about the app and how to use it. I have fully explained how to see or copy youtube video tags.

What are Tags and How it works?

Most people don’t know how to add tags even if they don’t know what is tags and how it works in rankings.

Tags are those keywords that a user put on the search bar of youtube and youtube gives them suggestions regarding their query.

How it is possible to see tags of any video?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to see any video tags with Tag you.

Tag you is a mobile application that helps you to find out tags for your youtube videos. it helps you to find related tags to your videos and also helps to extract tags of any video it will help you to rank faster on youtube and earn more views.

How to see youtube tags fully explained

There are three options for getting tags for videos in the tag you.

  • ‌Tags Idea
  • ‌URL Tags
  • ‌Suggesting Tags

Tags Idea

This app gives you an idea about tags according to your title by opening all the tags of some top videos related to your title.

You can copy a single video’s tags as well as one tag from another video 2nd one from the other. Clicking on ‘tags idea’ and pasting your title either the only keyword will give you an idea about tags that the top videos have using these particular tags.

You only have to put your title into the bar and click search it will show the top 10 video tags which ranked on youtube for this particular keyword.

URL Tags

Tag you help you to copy any other video’s tags and you can use easily these tags in your videos.

For example, if you want to copy any video’s tags, first, you have to copy the link of the video you want to copy tags and then paste the link in the option tags from the URL and click on the check so all tags of this particular video will be open. You can now copy these video tags. You may like our other article on youtube community guidelines.

Suggesting Tags

Tag you will suggest you some popular and related tags to your keywords. You just paste your keywords or the title of the video for which you want to get tags. So it will suggest tags for your videos.

you can download this app by clicking on the link below


This app will help you to see tags of any video link you have as well as top-ranked videos related to your keyword.I hope you have to understand How to see youtube tags please follow us via email to get new updates.

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