3 Ways to Send Money from India to Pakistan

send money from india to pakistan

Almost every freelancer in Pakistan faces money transfer issues especially when he works with Indian clients. The major reason is PayPal does not allow its services to Pakistan. And the payment options that you are using, Indian clients don’t.

If you use any marketplace like Fiverr deduct a 20% fee from you. However, you can send or receive money with a wire transfer but there are also huge taxes.

I will tell you some authentic and legal ways from which you will be able to send money from India to Pakistan.

Payment Options to Send Money From India to Pakistan

Requesting Payment

The first method is Payoneer. You don’t need even a local bank account for this method. You can easily attach your JazzCash account with it and can receive money from clients anywhere in the world.

You must request money from your client with his email registered with Payoneer.

There is a drawback of this method Payoneer does not verify your address easily, and till you don’t have a fully verified account you cant request a client.

Direct Contract

The one and only my favorite method is Upwork’s direct contract method. You can easily sign a direct contract with your client which is not on Upwork. He will pay via his preferred method and there will be a payment and work guarantee by Upwork.

For direct contact, Upwork charges a minimal fee of 3.4% from freelancers which is very low compared to other marketplaces.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

You can receive money using crypto wallets. You have to send your client your wallet code and he will be able to send you the money.

But there is a limitation if your client does not use a crypto wallet you can’t receive.

Bottom Line

My favorite method is the Upwork direct contract you have a minimum fee deduction and have the surety of payment just like you are working on a marketplace.

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