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shortest website script

It’s basically not an ad network but On the website, you can generate a good income by applying website script on your website. It shows a pop ad within the page to each visitor which coming to your site.

How to Earn money from website Script?

468x60.png?2020 02 19 is basically an URL shortener that pays you by sharing the link. But it has an extra feature to monetize your site traffic. You have to put a single code in your header and your site will be monetized.

Further, I will discuss the feature of it. It gives you the feature of earning money without a website.

Earning methods:

  • URL shortener
  • Full page Website Script
  • Mining

How to use website script?

In this article, I will focus on website monetization as I have to cover google AdSense alternative topics.

Just signup or login with your Google account. I will not waste your time by telling you to know about how to signup for it because you better know than me.

On the home page, you will find a short URL option. So, just click on 3 lines on the top left corner. And see the option of ‘website script’ like.

Now you have to manage your script settings.

On Links Ads

You can manage the ad setting where to show ads on your website.

First of all, you have to manage links on your site where you want to appear the ads of the shortest. You can exclude or include any soecific link or whole domain where your ads will be shown. A link exclude means ads will not appear when any visitor will click on it.

You can manage that ad will be shown on every single click on your website. And you can exclude the link on which ad will not appear.

Entry Website Script

Then the shortest website script will ask you to manage when you want to show ad either when a visitor lands to your site or visitor click anywhere to site. You have to fix it as your choice but I would recommend that choose when click option.

On entry is not recommended because of loading time will be increased. Instead of that, you choose ad load when visitor clicks anywhere on your site.

Then it will ask you for the timer of the ad, by default it will 3 seconds so you can fix it as your choice.

Exit ads allows you to put ads on your exit. It means when any user comes to your site and just leaving your site a full-screen script will pop on the screen of your visitor.

You have to manage it if you want to show ads on exit or not. It can increase your session time and low bouns rate which is good for your site SEO.

Everything is done

Now everything is done and just click on generate script and then copy the script and paste into the header section of your blog or website and it will show ads to your visitors as you set before.

How to get paid from

It will pay you when your balance has at least $5. Which is very good.

It works with the top three e-wallets to pay you; Paypal, Payoneer, and WebMoney. So you can easily withdraw your money by using these best e-wallets.

Pros and Cons

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons to use this AdSense alternative ad network.


  • No minimum traffic require
  • Instant ads appear
  • No approval requires
  • No minimum content condition
  • Real-Time Statistics


  • May Irritates to visitors

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