Top 5 Android Apps You Must Have in 2020

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Today I will tell you about Best Android Apps for you in 2020

Most of you are not familiar with these apps. These are very important for you to have on your mobile.

Most of the people are just known to some social media app Facebook WhatsApp etc but don’t tell you about these types of apps. I researched for many days and enlist the top 5 android apps for you.

Top 5 Android Apps You Must Have

I Have ordered five apps from low to high order. These apps Will be very useful in your life.

5- UPX Browser

A site that you want to access urgently but it was blocked by ip or location and you need to install a VPN on your mobile. But wait I have a solution to this problem.

You don’t need to install any extra app in your mobile for the purpose of a VPN.

Because, It is not a simple browser it is a VPN browser which change automatically your location when you open it. You An also call it an IP change browser. It does not require any other VPN to change your Location.

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4- CamScanner

You are hundreds of miles away from your friend and very important document you want.

If you have only a simple camera of your mobile when you printed out your images will not clear.

this App work Like a Scanner. It scans your documents and gives you a scanned copy of this document. When you print these pictures you will get clear and apparent copies of the document.

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PAGF is Stand for Paid Apps Gone Free. 

You want an app but it is paid and you don’t want to pay money for it? Don’t worry I have a solution.

With the help of this app you can install free any paid app. Actually some paid app will be free for some specific time period and PAGF tells you about when a Paid App will be Free on Play Store.

To install these apps free you have to install it on your mobile and it will notify you about the app is free now.

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2- Clock Vault

It is Not Only A clock but as well works like a clock. Actually it is a vault-app which protects your personal data like pics, documents, etc.

To start it you have to set a time and click on the center of the clock. So from it you have set a time as your password. When to put the exact time and click on the center of the clock you will see your personal data which you saved in it.

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1- Quick Video Recorder

In these days most of the departments are full of corruption and you are not here without any reference or when you have media support.

Anyway this app will help you to expose anyone.

This app is very useful for you. From it you will be able to record a video of any person you want and he will not know that you have records its video. You can record a video when your mobile screen is off too.

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