Why Can’t I Send videos On WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the excellent on the spot messaging app because it lets in you to send plenty of photos, images, messages and videos, however once in a while there might be a few inconveniences while the use of this app. That is why you’ve got simply wondered why I can’t send movies on WhatsApp .

On this submit, we are able to provide an explanation for a way to restoration WhatsApp trouble and why you could’t ship movies on WhatsApp.

Why can’t I send videos on WhatsApp?

This is a very common problem on WhatsApp and the reasons can be many:

  • The principle reason why you can not send videos on WhatsApp is the net connection. Consequently, make certain that your tool is attached to WLAN or cell facts is lively; if no longer, please try once more later while the net is stable.
  • Make sure the date and time to your cellular tool match your nearby time. Also test that the letters AM and PM in shape the time of day.
  • There is not sufficient reminiscence to your device. This happens very regularly and in this situation you need to loose up the internal storage area of your mobile tool if you want to ship videos or other files through WhatsApp.
  • The micro SD memory wherein all your documents are stored is defective or damaged. Consequently, first try to clean it; if it doesn’t work, it is damaged and have to get replaced.
  • You haven’t made the modern app updates. It is crucial to replace WhatsApp for your cellphone every time a new version is available.
  • The video is very long and heavy, so WhatsApp will no longer allow you to ship such content material, given that you can best ship 3-minute films that weigh less than 16MB.

Factors of interest

There is a totally easy manner to test if the problem comes from your micro SD card: use another micro SD card as a take a look at to check if the only you use in your smartphone works successfully. You may even get rid of the micro SD card and try sending your video the usage of your tool’s internal memory.

It can help to clear WhatsApp cache and facts . To try this you must do the subsequent:

  1. Go to Settings, then Apps .
  2. Then go to WhatsApp, then tap on WhatsApp .
  3. Finally, go to memory, click on clear data and cache .
  4. Completed, WhatsApp will repair the factory settings of your device.

It’s miles critical which you update the packages which you down load for your telephone in order that they paintings effectively and you can take complete advantage of the present day changes to the app.

A way to send heavy videos on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp prohibits its customers from sending massive motion pictures , due to the fact if all customers send files larger than 16 MB , the WhatsApp platform would crash and be difficult to use.

If you need to ship lengthy and heavy motion pictures on WhatsApp, you have to cut them and send them in parts . This solution offered through WhatsApp can emerge as a tedious and tough mission for many customers.

For that reason, it’s far recommended to use systems which include Dropbox or Google power , which can be clean to use and permit you to ship massive files with out restrictions. Many users have discovered WeTransfer useful for sending large files, because it has a simple interface that allows you to percentage up to two GB of documents for free .

As you may see, sending films by way of WhatsApp could be very clean . When you have troubles sending your films, check the cause of the problem and fix it so that you can preserve playing the advantages of this software

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