3 Best Crypto Mining Apps for Mobile

best crypto mining apps

Most of the peoples want to earn money without doing anything but its not much easy but I have 3 mobile apps for you from which can earn cryptocurrencies without doing anything. I have 3 Best Crypto Mining Apps for you.

But keep in mind when you are not doing any effort you cant become a millionaire. Earning from these apps will be a miner but you can boost by some effort like refer friends.

Best Crypto Mining Apps

Pi Network

This app was published on the play store on Dec 12, 2018, and now has 10M Installations with a 4.3 rating from 143K users.

This app mine Pi Coins. This crypto is not launched but will be soon.

You can mine Pi coins at a rate of 0.1π/hr but if you join from my link or referral code ‘toorco‘ you will give an extra Pi coins and extra mining power of 0.02π/hr. You have to activate your mining one time in 24 hours.

Bee Network

This was published at the play store on Dec 3, 2020, and now has 1M+ installations with a 4.7 rating of 32k users.

It has currently more mining speed than the Pi network. You have to activate your mining one time in a day. This currency has also not been launched yet.

You can mine 0.5 bee/hr for the initial days. You can increase it by referring friends and family.

Keep in mind use ‘rashidtoor‘ as a referral code to get extra bee coins and mining power.


The only reason to keep it on the last number is that the crypto tab shows you ads and give you bitcoins in reward. Both apps discussed above was from currency owners and official but cryptotab is not.

It was published at the play store on Feb 18, 2019, and Now has 1M+ installations with a 4.3 rating of 65k users.

It also mine at a slow rate for the initial days but as you start referring friends it will pay you higher.

You have to activate mining one time in 2 hours.

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