(7+ Proven Ideas) Passive Income for Programmers

passive income idea for programmers

Every year thousands of CS graduates pass their degrees but most of them start a small job in any software house or a company. And most of them spend their whole life on it.

I think this is due to a lack of information about passive income. In this article, I will tell you about 7+ ideas for passive income for programmers.

Passive Income For Programmers

passive income for programmers
Passive Income for Programmers

So if you don’t know what is passive income, I want to tell you that passive income is a lifetime earning from work that you did in past.

Develop Mobile App

Get an idea that will be in demand and start working on application software. You can use the android studio when working on android apps. Publish your app on the play store is the largest apps downloading platform and Now start promoting it.

You can put google AdMob ads on it and make passive income, whenever anyone uses your app. You can launch your subscription plan from which users will pay you on a weekly or monthly basis to use your app.

Online Tools or SaaS

Digital tools are the tools like age calculators, or currency converters, which can ease people’s life. Or SaaS stands for Software As A Service. Make a full-fledged online software that is actually a solution to a problem.

You can monetize your digital tools with ads or SaaS for a monthly fee. This is one-time work. Absolutely there may be some maintenance work but that will be minor.

Websites’ themes Or plugins

Develop new and responsive website themes and useful plugins and publish them on the Envato marketplace.

In the case of themes, you have to give a license of the theme to websites and charge for that. You make your payment plan as you want; you can charge per license for a year and they to pay again after 1 year is completed or that you want you can decide.

In WordPress most plugins are free but about all plugins also have their paid plans in which they are giving some extra features. You can decide on your subscription plans.

Become Cybersecurity Expert

In this digital world, everyone has their own website while they owned a small business. And cybersecurity is very important for all businesses which have their own app or website.

Find some errors in their system and Earn. But it will not a passive income. For passive income in cybersecurity follow the following method.

You can develop your apps to protect sites from hacking attacks or you can launch your course to teCh about cybersecurity and this one-time recorded course will earn you a lifetime. However, you can earn through courses in any skill you master.

Make Social Presence

Nowadays everyone is on social networks and social and consuming content. How wonderful that is making your content and telling people about cybersecurity and programming. Teach people on social media.

When you show a presence on social media as users will engage your content and started following you that platforms like Facebook, youtube will pay you per view (terms and conditions applied).

Another way is sponsorships from companies and selling your courses or giving personal consulting services.

Machine Learning/AI

passive income for programmers with artificial intelligence
Passive income for programmers with artificial intelligence

As you are a Programmer Machine learning is also a very good passive income idea for programmers.

In this era in every machine, artificial intelligence is being used. You can make a unique program and then sell the license to companies to use it in their products.


Blogging is itself a very hot topic for now. You can make your blog or write an ebook in which you share your programming experience.

Even ebook or blogging you need just one-time work and publish your ebook on different markets places and you will earn each time whenever anyone buys your ebook.

In the case of blogging, you will earn it whenever anyone visits your blog. You must read the beginners’ guide to make money from a blog.

Conclusion: Passive Income for Programmers

All ideas I shared with you are passive income ideas. Only one-time work and you can earn a lifetime income without doing more work again. Just dig into any of it and prove you can do it.

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