What is Niche in SEO, its Importance and Types

what is niche in seo

What is Niche in SEO?

Niche word is mostly used in SEO and blogging which means a topic around your blog is written or will be written. But the most important thing about a niche is that a niche is the most specific topic and targets a specific audience.

Target a specific interest based audience, a country and specific topic is called a niche.

Why Niche Important?

Sometimes you target a very huge audience and topic which is impossible for you to cover everything on your blog related to that topic. That’s why you have to choose a small niche and cover everything related to that topic, you will become a loyal brand in that niche and you also will get a loyal audience.

Types of Niche

Niche are divided into multiple types based on there monetization methods.

  • Adsense Niches
  • Affiliate Niches
  • CPA Niches
  • Entertainment Niches (Adsense Alternatives)

Micro Or Macro Niches

Nowadays when 7.5 Million Blogposts are published every single day. So the Race winner will be those who work on micro-niches and cover everything in the niche and will become a brand in it.

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