Beginners Guide to Make Money from a Blog

make money from a blog

Today in 2021 people have some myths about blogging. About what is a blog? How blog works? How to make money from a blog? How much time does it require to earn money from blogging?

So don’t be worry I am here to solve all your problems and misconceptions regarding blog or blogging.

How to make money from a blog?

I have divided our post into some parts to make money blogging in 2021

What is a blog?

Blog is a small website which have a content updating continuously. Usually, in a blog, a person shares his experience or tell about him or his product.

Individuals or a company can use a blog to share their experience or to promote their product or service.

Because the blog is an updating website so users come and read the latest content updated to the blog.

How a blog formed?

A blog is not only one thing but it is made up of three things; one is a domain, a hosting, and CMS software.

A domain will be the URL of the blog. From which the blog content will be accessible by a visitor.

Hosting is an online space where the data of the blog is stored and to be accessible. There are several web hosting companies available in the market which can help you to live your first web site with reliable prices.

A CMS is an observation of the Content Management System, from where you will be able to add, remove, or edit your content. Like blogger or WordPress.

Select a Niche

A niche is the category around which your blog run and all the content will be in the same category. At the time of 2021 every one make a micro niche blog and this is very good for rank in short time.

Write Content

Writing content to make money from a blog
Thinking to write blog content

Content means everything on your blog it can be in the form of text, images, or videos. It must be unique can never be copied from any other blog.

If you copy from any other website you can never be ranked on any search engine because they prefer fresh and unique content every time. and in some cases your blog can be banned.

How You can Make Money from a Blog

There are some ways from which you can make money from a blog.

Ad Networks

There is a big and most trusted ad network is Google Adsense. But there are many alternatives for google Adsense are present and worked well. To get Google Adsense approval is quite tough as compared to others.

Ad networks pay you for your traffic which can convert into any conversation from their advertiser. they pays you for every visitor which watch or click on ad which shown on your blog.

There are some parameters for ad networks on the basis of that an ad network pays you.

  • CPM = Cost per Thousand Impressions
  • CPC = Cost per Click
  • CPA = Cost per Action
  • RPM = Revenue per Thousands Impressions
  • CPS = Cost per Sale

Affiliate Marketing

In this method, if any visitor will convert into a sale then you will be getting a commission for that product.

But first, you have to signup for any affiliate network and use your own affiliate link. in your article and convince your visitor to purchase this product. So you will be able to make money from a blog when someone purchase from your affiliate link.

Any company pays you yo write for there products and then they will pay you for a particular post.
Then they will get a smart business and you will be sponsored for that post.

But it will be possible only when your blog has an enormous amount of traffic. when you ranked some articles on google or any search engine companies will approach you and pay you for sponsored posting on your blog, so that’s also way to make money from a blog.

To Sell own products

Yes, you can promote your own products if you have.
If you have an ebook, digital marketing tool, or any type of physical or digital product you can promote it and have a good business.

Even you can sell out your graphics or pictures which you clicked.

How to derive Traffic to a blog?

All the above steps you don’t having earn money from tour blog without this step. Because if there is no traffic on your blog no visitor visits to your blog so you can not be able yo earn money.

So you have to do proper SEO of your blog to rank top in the google or any other search engine. That will be your converting user.


you cannot be able to earn money from blogging without having good traffic from a search engine. So work on your better SEO and user-friendly content and get love from search engines.

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