How to Remove Ads Limit from Adsense

how to remove ads limit from adsense

Most of the people suffering in AdSense ads limit after Adsense approval. It may take a week, a month, or more than a month but I will tell you the perfect method to remove ads limit from AdSense in a week.

Remove Ads limit from Adsense

What is Ads Limit?

If you don’t know what ks ads limit so I wanna tell you. In Adsense google limits your ads to show visitors. Visitors will showing blank white boxes instead of ads.

Due to not showing ads to visitors, you will not be able to earn money.

Why ad serving limited?

Before talking about removing the ads limit we must know about why Adsense ads limit for our site.

A major problem due to ads limited on your site is invalid traffic concerns.

There will be many reasons for invalid traffic.

  • Bots traffic

Some people purchases traffic to boost their earning but this purchased traffic may be bots, not humans.

  • Social Media Traffic

Maybe you run ads or your major traffic is from social media so it is also against google policy to directly land visitors to your ads page from social media.

  • Your own visits

Yes your own visits to your site where ads placed may cause an ad limit.

How to remove ads limit from adsense?

How to remove ads limit from Adsense (Urdu/Hindi)

So finally we have land to removing the ads limit from your site.

If you suffering in ads limit from adsense so make sure you remove all the adsense ad codes from your site.

Stop sending traffic from bot or social media.

Work on SEO of your site.

When your traffic will be organic your ads limit will automatically be removed.

How to prevent ads limit?

As I discussed above about invalid traffic. So don’t send traffic from social media and don’t buy bots traffic. Visit your site with adblocker.

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