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native advertising adnow review

Today I will discuss a native ad network which is the best Google Adsense alternative and you also can use it with Google Adsense as well.

Native Ad Network Adnow Review

A native ad network shows the ads of websites which are matching with your website content. As the ads just like your content there will be maximum chances to Click on ads. And you know very well higher rate of clicking on native ads it means higher income you will earn.

According to a survey native ads grab more attention of the visitor and 60% more visitors click click on it than classic banner ads. Native advertising growing 140% yearly.

So without wasting time lets talk about this ad network that’s Adnow and review all pros and cons to use adnow.

Urdu Video – Adnow Review

What is Adnow?

Adnow is a native advertising network that allows you to show native ads on your blog and make money online.

Adnow CPC Rates

As Adnow is a native ad network so it works with only CPC, it don’t pay you for impressions but for clicks on ads.

Adnow CPC rates may vary from location to location. If ad clicked by a visitor living in Asian countries so the CPC will be $0.01.

Adnow CPM Rates

Adnow works for the eCPM campaign which means effective cost per mile. It depends on how many clicks per thousand impressions shown on your blog.

How Adnow Ads Looks Like?

adnow review the best native advertising network
Image Credit: Adnow

You can see the above image and see the pink boxes you can change its color according to your blog’s template.

These ads looking just like your blog’s part and maximize the Click-through rate.

Maximize Adnow Earning

To maximizing your earning through adnow you can use Adsense with it but don’t worry if you have not Adsense approval. Just follow the steps to keep your revenue boosted.

  • Firstly you have to design an ad unit just like your blog theme.
  • Secondly, you create at least four ad units.
  • Use the four units put above the post content, below the post content, between the post content and one in the sidebar of your blog.
  • Sidebar ad unite must be verticle.

Why to Choose Adnow?

Adnow is a leading native ads network that allows new publishers that don’t and more traffic or content on their website and able them to earn from it.

Advertising Partners – Adnow Review

In order to choose the best ad network, you must know about advertising partners of the particular ad network.

Some well-known brands are partners of adnow like Aliexpress, Forbes and eBay etc.

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