Alternatives for google adsense | Yllix ad Network Review

Yllix ad network Review

Are you looking for alternatives to Google AdSense? Are you searching for a high-paying ad network for your blog? Are you looking for fast approval and want approval on the website? So this post is for you and will be very useful and interesting. So just scroll down and read all properties of this alternative for Google Adsense. If you don’t know how to exchange currencies and get into your local wallets so please read 7Best E-Wallet.

What is Yllix?

ylliX is truly an international ad network. We connect website owners (publishers) and ad networks with our advertisers to generate revenues as high as possible for both parties.

Yllix Reviews

Account Activation:

Manual verification is not required for new publisher accounts at ylliX. Your ylliX Publisher account is active as soon as you create it.

Available in:

yllix warmly welcomes publishers as well as visitors ( site traffic) from all countries – regardless of location and size. Yllix will never reject a publisher based on its location.   But is a variance in CPM rates for different countries.


The best thing about this ad network is that you do not require any approval for your website to show ads, but whenever you want the ad to be displayed on your website, you have to put its ad Code on your website. You can place it anywhere on your site. As soon as you put the script on your website, it will start showing ads on your website and then you will start to get revenue.

Campaign types:

So friends, this ad network also pays you to show ads on your website I mean CPM and even pay for ad clicks on your website and perform an Action I mean CPA and Also For every Click I Mean CPC, so this is a great alternative for Google Adsense. Read this Earn Cryptocurrency.

Ad Types:

It offers banner, slider, layer, pop-up, pop-under, tab-up, tab-under, and redirect ad tags. They’re working hard to add new ad types that will make your earnings grow even faster.

Payment System:

Yllix offers daily payments, which means what you earn today you will see in your account tomorrow. The payment minimum is $1 for PayPal and Payza payments, $10 for eZCash and Bitcoin payments, $50 for Payoneer payments, and $100 for international bank wire payments.

Referral System:

There is a stunningly generous referral program at yllix. It will pay you up to $100 for each new active publisher or advertiser you refer to plus 2% of their lifetime earnings/spending.


Don’t use yllix direct links to your site they spam your site and will be removed from the google search engine.


  • Various ad types for both mobile and desktop traffic.
  • Fair payouts are based on traffic quality.
  • Daily payments. No tricks. We really do pay daily.
  • Up to $100 for each new, active user you bring to us.
  • Instant account approval. Start making money right now.


Adsense Alternative is always an alternative because Google Adsense is the biggest ad network to monetize your site.   However, if you have not approved AdSense or your site couldn’t meet the google partner program so this is the best option for you.   This is the best option for content-downloading sites.

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