7 Best International Payment e Wallet in Pakistan

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Best e-wallet for foreign payment in Pakistan. In this article, I’ll tell you about the 7 best e-wallets for sending or receiving money from Pakistan. Choose your best international payment e-wallet now by reading the post below.

There are too many e-wallets in the world and used very securely. In the case Pakistan, some e-wallet is not available in Pakistan like PayPal but don’t worry some more e-wallets that are available in Pakistan and provide the best services are totally free.

Using these e-wallets you can send or receive money from abroad and around the world and you can easily withdraw your money to your local banks. These all e-wallets are totally free. If you want a tutorial on these e-wallets you can check out my youtube channel. So let’s start reading the article.

Best International Payment e-Wallet in Pakistan

1. Payoneer e-wallet

Payoneer is a very useful and vast e-wallet which helps you to receive your payment from Fiverr which is the largest freelancing website. You can easily withdraw your money from your local bank. Now it helps you to accept payments from an individual.

Now Payoneer has added some more features:

  • It allows Pakistanis to withdraw payments directly to their JazzCash wallet
  • it allows you to collect payments from any individual or any company 

2. Skrill e-wallet

This e-wallet is also more useful for you and helps in forex trading. Usually used to deposit and withdraw money from forex trading but now you can ask for money from any individual outside of the country. You can withdraw your money directly to your JazzCash Account.

  • Any Local Bank Withdraw
  • Send or receive money using a debit or credit card

3. Neteller e-wallet

This e-wallet is an alternative to skrill as some forex websites are not supported skrill. You can connect your visa or master card with the Neteller e-wallet.

4. Perfect Money e-Wallet

This is a Russian e-wallet that helps you to send and receive dollars and euros as well. You can withdraw money from perfect money to your JazzCash or Easypaisa or bank account also.

As it is a Russian wallet so it also helps you to receive payments in the rubble.

5. Payeer e-wallet

Payeer is also a Russian e-wallet that helps you to receive payments from Russian websites.
And also can withdraw money from this e-wallet into your JazzCash or Easypaisa using some trusted exchangers. For exchanges follow the link at the end of the post.

It is the best option for those who are earning from Russian sites, and the most interesting thing is it allows you to receive payment in cryptos and you can trade cryptos here.

6. CoinBase

This e-wallet helps you to buy or sell some popular cryptocurrencies or helps you to send or receive cryptocurrencies while you live in Pakistan. And you can withdraw your cryptocurrencies in your bank account using some trusted exchangers.

Are you want to earn cryptocurrency without investing money so make sure you read this article Earn Bitcoins without investment.

7. WebMoney

Webmoney e-wallet helps you to receive money from some websites and you can also link your credit card and you can top up your mobile any time from this e-wallet.

However, it is a Russian wallet but it works worldwide and sends payments through checks and you can also purchase a top-up of your mobile for any service provider company.


It is concluded that if you are a freelancer, sending or receiving money from your friends and family living out of the country so the perfect e-wallet for you is a Payoner when you are a forex trader so skill and Neteller are the options for you. On the other hand, if you are a crypto trader or exchanger so coinbase is an exact match for you.

I discussed 3 Russian wallets so Payeer and perfect money are best for hive-site users and most of the Google AdSense alternatives are accepting WebMoney payments you can easily receive money from ad networks.

Exchange Funds Here if Needed

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