Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting in SEO

guest posting in seo

Now Google counts quality backlinks as a no. 1 ranking factor. And Guest Posting in SEO plays a vital role in achieving the goal of getting quality backlinks. In this article, we will discuss all aspects of guest posting in SEO.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is a practice in blogging in which a writer contributes a piece of content to another’s blog in return for building a relationship, and getting exposure, and backlinks. This whole process is also known as guest blogging.

Guest blogging helps you to build a strong relationship with the blogger who hosting your post on his blog, and his audience.

The Basic Concept

Simply you are a writer on blog A and want to publish a post on blog B. So you will request blog B via email or a contact page and ask for the requirement to publish a post on his blog.

When he replies you will write a well optimize article that fulfills his requirements. And send it to him. He will publish it on his blog and give you a link from this article or author box.

Bloggers need high-quality and attractive content for their blogs. In this way, you got a backlink from it and he got quality content for his blog. It’s a win-win situation for both.

Set Criteria For Guest Posting

The very first thing is to find guest blogging sites that will give you backlinks. But before this, you need to set criteria that from which site you will get a link. Because not every link will help you to rank.

According to me, there are 4 basic rules to set for guest posting:

  • The site covering the content is focused on your niche.
  • The blog has some traffic.
  • The blog must be an engaged audience.
  • The site will be authoritative.

Email Template for Guest Post Request:

This is my personal guest posting outreach template which uses for my personal use. And got almost 60% replies.

Mention paid in case of your want to pay for it otherwise remove it.


I will come with a (paid) guest post.

I am Rashid and I really love what you are doing at ( domain.com  ). If you give me the opportunity to publish a guest post on Your website I will be really thankful.

I have many clients who need backlinks on Tech sites.

If you accept a (paid) guest post or link insertion Please let me know.

Waiting for your kind reply.

Regards, Rashid Toor

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