How to use Chat Lock Feature on WhatsApp 2023

How to use chat lock feature on WhatsApp 2023

A way to guard a WhatsApp chat with a password

Protected chats aren’t displayed while commencing WhatsApp, but are hidden in a unique folder.It’s reliable: WhatsApp already permits us to dam some chats with a fingerprint , as a substitute of having to protect the entire application , which was the choice we already had for multiple years.

The newness is called Chat Lock and it comes so that we are able to defend our maximum personal chats from out of doors eyes . The protected chats aren’t proven inside the list with the relaxation, they want us to pick out ourselves with the biometrics of the cellular to study them and they do not show the content of the message within the notifications.

How to password protect a chat

WhatsApp has a new manner to shield our maximum non-public chats from individuals who have already got get entry to to our cell or may be viewing the cell display screen (for example, searching over their shoulder at the same time as using it).

The protection is based on the biometrics of the cellular, which in Android mobiles is synonymous with the fingerprint reader. You could shield any private or institution chat by means of opening the verbal exchange and tapping at the top bar to open the facts window, there you’ll find the new Chat Lock segment .

The next step is to test Block this chat with a fingerprint and, after confirming our identification using the cellular’s biometrics, the chat will already be blanketed. To apply WhatsApp locked chats, you need to have installation cellular fingerprints beforehand.


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If everything went properly, you will see the message This chat is now blocked . From that second on, notifications of latest messages for that chat will not show the sender or the content material of the text, and the chat itself will not be displayed in the WhatsApp conversations window at the side of the rest.

Protecting a WhatsApp chat with a fingerprint could be very smooth, although you ought to keep in mind that the protection simplest applies to WhatsApp in your mobile and no longer on other gadgets along with connected sessions on other mobiles or on WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop. These are all the steps:

  • Open the chat in query
  • Tap at the pinnacle bar to open the chat data window
  • Faucet Chat Lock
  • Test Lock this chat with fingerprint
  • Press OKin the window that looks
  • A way to view protected chats

When you guard a WhatsApp chat with a password, it is no longer seen within the chat listing at the side of the rest, even if it has simply acquired new messages. Instead, it suggests up in the Blocked Chats folder , which you’ll locate on the top of your chats listing.

The Blocked Chats folder isn’t usually seen and on occasion we can should scroll right down to show it . Visually, it’s miles just like the archived chats folder , but the range of unread messages, if any, isn’t displayed right here.

To peer the chats within that folder you may want to affirm your identity the use of the mobile’s fingerprint reader . As soon as inside, you could open and engage with the chats just like always. If you go out the folder to a “normal” chat and attempt to go back, you may ought to use the fingerprint reader again.

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