Budget iPhone full review – iPhone SE 2 Specs, Price and Release Date

Apple iPhone SE 2

The rumors continue to suggest that Apple will produce a cheaper budget iPhone in 2020.

Apple was a bit surprised in 2016 when it introduced a revised version of the old design. The iPhone SE was what it called for: a small phone with powerful features and an affordable price.

With this phone now interrupted, rumors and speculation about the follow-up have faded and flowed in and out of the discussion over the past few years. It will be a budget iPhone our time.

Look for “iPhone SE 2” online and you will not find any shortage of mention, but 2020 may finally be the year when this long-sought smartphone touches the market, but those who expect another powerful little iPhone 5S may be disappointed.

Release date and price of iPhone SE 2

Below $ 400 / £ 400
Spring 2020 release timeframe

Price and release time are very important for the iPhone SE 2. Given its name – and the ethos behind it – is likely to be the cheapest iPhone to be available when (or if) it is released.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said he believes the iPhone SE 2 will come under $ 400. Specifically, it will cost $ 399. If it is accurate, in the UK it is probably around 399 GBP.

A bit confusing is that it is very close to the price of the already available iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Is it really likely that Apple will keep both devices on the market at the same time, especially when it is said that the iPhone SE 2 will be the more powerful of the two?

How will I call another iPhone SE?

This is for debate. There are two schools of thought. The first suggests that Apple could simply call it iPhone SE 2, because – for this generation of devices – this “Special Edition” name tag still applies, even if it doesn’t look like the last one.

In mind, by 2020, what the iPhone SE was until 2016: the body of an old phone, but with the internal features and hardware of a modern flagship.

The second school of thought is that because it looks like an overhaul of the iPhone 8, it can be called iPhone 9. There is a problem with this suggestion: Apple has already skipped X (10 Roman numerals) XS and is now up to 11 in their naming sequence, and so skipping back to 9 could be just too confusing.

Design of iPhone SE 2

It looks similar to the iPhone 8
Aluminum may have replaced polished steel
Frosted glass-like iPhone 11 Pro

The first published renderings – from a source that is usually in cash – suggest that the iPhone SE 2 will look very similar to the iPhone 8, which is likely to be discontinued this year.

This means that the display has some pretty rugged frame at the top and bottom, while the bottom chin plays at home with the Touch ID. With this older design, it looks very unlikely that we will see Face ID.

Looking at the metal frame all over the device, it seems Apple can also scratch anodized aluminum, instead opting for the heavier polished steel used in the iPhone X, XS and 11 Pro phones. This is just speculation based on the shiny metal surface in the pictures.

If Apple’s primary goal is to create an affordable, powerful and compact device, steel could not be realistic in comparison to aluminum.

Another interesting point is that it seems that the glass on the back may be frosted as well as the surface of the glass on the iPhone 11 Pro.

Display of iPhone SE 2

4.7-inch LCD panel
Resolution 800 x 600
326 PPI

Some rumors originally suggested that a cheaper iPhone would keep the extremely popular smaller 4-inch screen size from the iPhone SE. The 326ppi retina screen is the first saw on the iPhone 5, and remains bright and fresh, even though its resolution of 1,136 × 640 is now dated.

With that said: If the design lasts after the iPhone 8, it seems more likely that we are talking about a similar 4.7-inch screen from this device as well. This means that it should always be sharp and detailed. True Tone ability.

The jury is still on 3D Touch, Apple’s pressure-sensitive display technology. Now that it has been cut off in the latest phones and iOS 13 accepts long print replacement gestures, it would make no sense to include it in the new device in 2020, even though the iPhone 8 originally meant it.

The camera of iPhone SE 2

A budget iPhone full review - iPhone SE 2 Specs, Price and Release Date
image credit techmoran

One camera
Exact specification unknown, possibly 12MP

One thing that seems relatively clear on the iPhone SE 2 is that it has only one sensor. Based on the render and the fact that the iPhone 8 had only one camera, this is the safest bet if it is assumed that there will be no double or triple cameras.

The exact specifications and capabilities of the camera: this is unknown. Given Apple’s recent history with 12-megapixel sensors, this seems to be another safe bet, probably with 4K video recording. If it has the same camera as the iPhone 8, it will be able to shoot up to 60 frames per second.

Much of it then comes back to where SE 2 fits into Apple’s portfolio. If iPhone 8 is terminated in favor of this device, then it makes sense to have some upgraded hardware. If it is designed to slip at an even lower price than the iPhone 8, it will likely see a compromise somewhere, and this could include a camera.

Hardware / Specifications of iPhone SE 2

If Apple is to market a phone cheaper than any of its current scope, as we have said, there must be some compromise somewhere. In light of this, some of the first rumors from 2019 suggest that we will see the A13 bionic processor inside SE 2.

This would make it more powerful than the iPhone 8 and give it the same power as the iPhone 11. If this is true, it would certainly end iPhone 8.

It is also suggested that the iPhone SE 2 will have 64GB of storage and 3GB of RAM.

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