Samsung Galaxy Second Fold Specs, release date and Price

galaxy fold 2

After a long and winding road to the launch of the first Galaxy Fold, Samsung offers a second-generation device. But unlike the original, apparently, rumor 2 will be folded with a flap.

This feature summarizes all leaks, rumors, and speculation about the new generation of Galaxy Fold. Here is everything we know so far.

Samsung Galaxy Second Fold Release date & price

Possible date of launching is 18 February
To be priced as a labled phone

Samsung usually announces its flagship Galaxy S range – which will be S11 and S11 + – before Mobile World Congress. Rumors say that February 18 will bring the disclosure of these phones and it could mean that the new Galaxy Fold will be announced at the same time.

However, we like the idea that Samsung will release this phone at MWC. With the flagship, Samsung has the opportunity to boast of a new generation Fold device, so we can see the throw 2 at MWC 2020 at the end of February. Nothing has been confirmed yet.

As for the price, there are rumors that Samsung intends to place Fold 2 next to the Galaxy S11 in terms of price. This means that it is a phone with a lower specification, but more accessible. It could see that it will be less than 1000 € / $ / £.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Design and display

Flap construction
6.7-inch display rumours
It is Smaller than  First Fold

Fold 2 is said to be significantly different from the original in its appearance: it is said that the 2nd generation Fold has a flap design that would suggest a smaller folding device similar to Moto Razr. It is said that it will be available in black and purple. It is potentially called SM-700, although this has not been confirmed.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Design and display
Image credit Samsung

This design was shown by Samsung as a concept, patents were filed for this type of design, and recently we have seen photos in wild projects of this kind – although it is not known whether it is a concept phone, a prototype or a complete fake.

Interesting in these images is that around the display there is still a strong frame, almost not from the edge to the edge that we expect from Samsung. It was said that the display was 6.7 inches. We don’t see many details around the fold itself, although it looks similar to the existing Galaxy fold.
Of course, when the phone is closed, it looks like the current Galaxy Fold, so we imagine it is the same AMOLED display coated with plastic, with the same protected hinge – and the frame is probably necessary to protect the edges of the display and make sure you can not tear him off.

The external appearance seems to be glossy, and the outside is a small additional display – it is not known if there is a larger external display. From what we have seen so far, this may not be the case.
Little is known about the specifications of the Samsung flip phone. Until now, there were no indicators as to the platform on which it will work, whether it be something from Qualcomm or Exynos SoC. Rumors that it will be positioned slightly lower than the flagship may suggest that it will work on something like the Snapdragon 765 – which would mean that it supports 5G – although there is no evidence – and one leaky statistic that it is 4G (if that is actually the same folded telephone).

Samsung Galaxy second Fold Specifications

Rumors about mid-range specifications

The only mention of any specification in relation to the future Galaxy Fold is the suggestion that it will have 256 GB of RAM and some discussion about battery capacity, with claims that the phone will have two different battery sizes, perhaps due to space restrictions.

Not much was said about any camera specification of the future Samsung foldable phone, but thanks to photoing leaks we saw some of what is on offer. The first thing to look out for is that there are dual cameras outside. There was a rumor that this would be suggested by a 108-megapixel sensor heading for the S11 as the main camera with a second telephoto lens. There is nothing specific – but there is no full set of cameras that the latest Samsung phones have.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 camera

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 camera
Image credit Samsung

Dual external camera
Single hole front camera

It is very different from the original Galaxy Fold, which is equipped with a full set of cameras, both inside and outside.

In the case of the front camera, it looks like Samsung works with a single-hole camera. It also seems to be an approach to the Galaxy S11 and we think it is better than having too many cameras in the middle taking up space.

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