Everything About Google Panda Update Algorithm

google panda update

Panda is one of the biggest algorithms of google. This update was officially regulated as an algorithm in January 2016, while it launched as a filter in February 2011.

Google Panda Update totally deals with the content of the site. It’s not triggered at the time of query its a background algorithm that works at the time of indexing.

What Doesn’t Panda Like?

Almost 6 things in your content that Google’s Panda Never likes.

Poor User Experience

The number one thing that affects the user experience is the relevancy of your content to the query. If you are targeting the keyword ‘Best gaming laptops’ but you are providing the information in the article for ‘best coding laptops’ that will affect your position and credibility.

It can reduce the dwell time of your page. So, write relevant content against relevant keywords.

The second thing which affects user experience is bad website design. Design a neat, clean, and fast website.

Duplicate Content

Never copy the content from other sites and never copy content within your site without making proper redirection or canonical tags. It badly affects your site. Because this type of content now doesn’t rank even doesn’t index.


Never use plagiarised content on your site. Plagiarised content not only means duplicate content even if your write unique content but you are copying anyone’s idea so your content will be considered plagiarised.

Never use spun content on your site as well as auto-generated tools. But yes you can use the content generated by a premium AI tool if you have good expertise.

Thin Content

If your site has very low words in some articles like less than 300 words that will be considered thin content. Yes, thin content is not only defined on the basis of word count but also with value addition.

This sometimes not directly affecting your ranking but indirectly. It affects your user experience and user experience can affect your rankings.

Keyword Stuffing

Avoid keyword stuffing in your content. This is a technique that was useful in the early days of google. But now it is highly punishable by google’s panda algorithm.

If Your content is 500 words and you put your keywords more than 100 times so it will be called keyword stuffing.

User Generated Spam

Moderate your comments on your site sometimes users shares some spammy content in the comments. You are responsible for the content generated on-site so keep moderating.

If you have multiple authors on your site so please moderate them before publishing too.

Suggestions to Avoid Panda Hit

There are some following suggestions to be safe from the panda algorithm.

  • Unique Content
  • Valuable content
  • Lengthy content
  • Good UX and UI
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing

These are the above thing you can control by yourself on your site.

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