How to Buy a Domain Name That is Taken

how to buy a domain name that is taken

The domain name is the main thing that you need to start your website or an online business. You can purchase a domain for between $5-$15 cost. Free domains are also available along with hosting packages. While searching for a good domain name, you might find the one that’s already taken. Then what will you do if you need it?

Tips to Buy a Domain Name That is Taken

We often find people asking about the tips to buy a domain name that is already taken. If you are the one who also wants to do the same, then in this article, we are going to share some amazing and effective tips to purchase an already taken domain name. Let’s get started:

Tip#1. Avoid domain extensions

Usually, people when finding that their required domain is already taken, try to get the same domain with different extensions. For example, if the domain is taken then they prefer going with or .org.

However, in my opinion, it is a huge loss. You can face legal issues if the original company has registered the domain as a trademark. Besides this, if your visitors or client forgets your domain then they may reach the site of your competitors and this would result in a huge loss.

Tip#2. Don’t be too touchy

Starting an online business and finding a domain name is an exciting task. While doing so, you might become touchy or emotional with the chosen domain name. But it is better to think twice and keep an eye on your budget. Because investing a huge amount for a domain that’s not a better option than picking an alternative one will cost less.

Premium domains or taken domains are usually available at a high cost. Therefore, don’t be touchy and try to make a precise choice effectively.

Tip#3. Find the owner

Before purchasing a domain, make sure that you find the contact details of the domain owner. Just imagine that you paid for the domain and your domain got stolen or the owner is no more available. Yes, such things can happen.

Therefore, it is recommended to use tools such as DNS Trails and find if any ambiguous activities or changes have been made to the DNS records. If so, then you can ask the domain owner about this. Ask for a phone number and contact details such as phone number because email addresses can be hacked or faked.

Tip#4. Registration at Trademark

If the domain name is registered at a trademark, then your business will end up offline soon. Because the company will be registered for a specific business. Therefore, it is good to check the trademark details from the US trademark database and the local databases.

For example, you cannot have the word “WordPress” in your domain name. So, briefly check the site details before making a purchase.

Tip#5. Domain history

It is good to find the history of the website using Wayback Machine. Because the domain might be used by someone else in the past. What if that person is a scammer and performs illegal activities using this domain? It can become a nightmare for you. Therefore, make a detailed study on the taken domain before purchasing it.

Tip#6. Use Escrow

Are you nervous about whether the domain owner will share the domain even after the transfer of the money? If yes, then use Here you can hand over the money to the website and after the domain is transferred you can release the money. When you confirm the receiving of the payment, escrow will hand over the money to the domain owner.

Final Words

Domains are not easy to purchase especially when the owner doesn’t want to sell them. It might take a few days to a few months to convince them. Therefore, you can use domain name generators to find available and new domains. Moreover, you can add adverbs, adjectives, or phases with the domain name or pick a brand name for your website.

We hope this article will help you to buy a domain name that is taken. 

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