5 Most Common UX Mistakes to Avoid on Your Website

most common ux mistakes to avoid

Starting a website using WordPress is a simple task nowadays. With just a few clicks you can start your new website. But still, you need to understand the UX mistakes that you must avoid on your website.

In this article, we are sharing some common UX mistakes you must avoid while building a WordPress Website. So, let’s begin!

Not using a mobile-friendly theme

If you observe the analytics of your website or other traffic reports, you might be able to know that most of the visitors use mobile for searching and browsing their queries.

Likewise, people purchase products or search for them using mobile phones. Moreover, according to Statista, about 79% of people made a purchase using a smartphone.

These figures explain the importance of mobile phones and mobile-friendly websites. Thus, you should use a mobile-friendly theme that can work both for all types of screen devices effectively. Therefore, you will not lose any customers.

Annoying Email Pops at your website

The easiest way to collect emails, engage customers, and boost conversion rates is to add a pop-up at your website. In 2020, the average popup conversion rate was 3.09%.

Therefore, you can add a few popups to your website. But continuously showing popups over and over again might disturb your visitor. So, design the email popup in such a way that it doesn’t annoy the user and can exit easily.

Shortage of server space

Many beginners start their website with shared web hosting. It is affordable, has enough bandwidth, and a small business website works effectively with such hosting.

Whereas, if the website has heavy data files, media, different plugins, then you must need a dedicated server with enough server space to run your website effectively. Moreover, if your site faces huge traffic then you need a dedicated server.

The website when loads slowly result in traffic loss because visitors leave the site if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. Thus, the major UX mistake is not having enough server space.

Lack of user-friendly webpage

Simplicity and swiftness make the site user attractive. Try to build a website with a clear navigation menu, attractive color scheme, clear and concise look, list important information, high-resolution images, and call-to-action content.

Avoid digging deep when not required. Use attractive buttons to simplify the website. For example, a contact form or button is enough.

Not developing an excellent copy

Developing an excellent website copy is also crucial. Not doing so is a UX mistake. Here are some tips that you must follow to improve your UX website.

  • Choose a clean font. WordPress is simple and easy to pick themes and add widgets to design the website and make it attractive.
  • Use headings, bullets, and short sentences. It enables the visitors using mobile to read the website content easily. Long paragraphs are difficult to read on screens.
  • White space on the website emerges from the important text and content on the website. Try to use it effectively.
  • Use bullet points or columns to break the text. It makes it easy to read and attractive. Moreover, users can understand and digest important information.
  • Copywriting also matters a lot. It is better to write as a 6th-grade student.
  • Write a call to action statement and tell the readers what you offer.
  • Add labels, menus, and widgets to engage the user at the website.
  • Also, test the site speed to avoid any issue at the user end.
  • Optimize and compress all the images and media files.

Final words

If you are a beginner, then avoid making UX mistakes as it can hurt the user experience. Use mobile-friendly themes, choose attractive colors to build your website, purchase enough server space to avoid site issues, right quality, and engaging content, and add email popup. If you don’t set up your site and find a good CMS for your site we have an exclusive article on which is the best CMS for you.

Email popup is an effective tool to collect the email of your visitors. Moreover, it also helps in increasing the conversion rate. But excessive and annoying pop ups might irritate the customer. So, keep this in mind while adding popups.

In a nutshell, quality content, engaging and attractive websites will help you earn good revenue.

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