When to move to a dedicated server?

When to move to a dedicated server

Usually, people start the website or blog with shared hosting. So, the question arises when to move to a dedicated server. In this article, we will address this query and explore the need for a dedicated server.


A dedicated server is the type of hosting that provides a sole hosting server to your website. It is more secured and provides quality service to your website.

On the other hand, shared hosting is the shared server used by multiple websites. Many beginners and small website owners start with shared hosting and later when the need arises, they switch towards dedicated web hosting.


If you are a website owner running your website with shared hosting, then it might be time to switch towards dedicated hosting. But when to do so?

Here are some indicators that might be a sign to move towards dedicated hosting.

  • Daily 1000 unique visitors reach the website.

With shared hosting, if more than 1000 unique visitors visit your website, then it might slow down the site speed, disturb the uptime, and become difficult for the server to handle the visitors effectively. Therefore, it is better to move towards dedicated hosting.

  • Facing problems might require dedicated hosting solutions.

The website might face issues with shared hosting, therefore, it is better to switch towards dedicated hosting to solve the problems. Delaying this might result in customer/ visitor loss. So, it is better to move with dedicated hosting and provide an excellent user experience to your clients.

  • Speed issues are solved with dedicated hosting.

If your site speed and performance are disturbed, then it might require a dedicated server. Visitors leave the site if it takes more than 2 seconds to load the website. So, poor speed sites will result in business losses. So, always optimize your website speed and check it regularly. If you still observe the speed issue, then it is better to move with the dedicated hosting as soon as possible.

  • Storage capacity runs short.

Shared hosting offers limited storage capacity. This storage capacity is shared among multiple websites sharing the same server. For small business websites, this storage capacity is enough but when the data and media files increase, this storage becomes insufficient. Therefore, it is time to move with the dedicated hosting.

Sharing files, images, videos, and other content requires enough storage space to make the website run smoothly. So, at this stage, you can move towards a dedicated server.

  • Security is paramount.

A shared server is less secure as compared to a dedicated one. Because any illegal activity at any website of the shared server might impact the other website also. Therefore, when you feel that the website database needs to be secured and protected then it is the time you should move with dedicated hosting.

How to switch to a dedicated server?

Once you decide that you want to move towards dedicated hosting then there are two methods to do so. Firstly, you can switch the service plan from a shared to a dedicated server with the same hosting provider. Whereas, secondly you can move towards another hosting provider. If you are not satisfied with the hosting company serving your website, then the second method is good.

The hosting provider will be happy to switch your hosting plan. Dedicated hosting provides better and quality services therefore it will require a high investment to view this aspect before switching the server.

Final Words

Shared hosting provides limited packages including bandwidth, storage capacity, etc. Moreover, multiple websites are shared on the same server. Thus, it is less secure. Whereas, moving towards dedicated hosting provides quality site performance, high speed, better services, etc.

Dedicated hosting is not the need for the website while starting a small business. Whereas, when the traffic reach increases, media and data storage enhances, and speed and security problems arise then such factors might be a signal to move towards dedicated hosting. Because the solution to these issues can be resolved with dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting is a good service and you can easily upgrade your hosting plan by consulting your web hosting provider. He will be happy to switch your plan.

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