How to Unblock URL on Facebook (100% Working & Legal)

how to unblock url on facebook

Has Facebook blocked the URL of your blog? Don’t worry if you are thinking about how to unblock URL on Facebook, then you come to the right post. Because in this post I have told you about 100% Working Trick to Unblock URL on Facebook.

I want to share one thing with you that this website’s URL was also blocked on facebook and now it has been unblocked. I will share some extra thing which can prevent your URL to be block.

Why does Facebook block website URLs?

Particularly when you are a blogger or you own a website. Share your site link on facebook, again and again, Facebook considers it spam because Facebook was not much familiar with your website and when its algorithm sees the link again and again it automatically blocks the domain.

How to unblock url on facebook

When you share a link to your blog or website on Facebook, then a notification comes in front of you and it says that your website URL has been blocked on Facebook.

And in such conditions, you wonder and asking everybody why Facebook blocked the URL? So let me tell you that Facebook has a lot of terms & conditions. And just like Google’s policy, Facebook also has its community standards.

And one of these policies is URL Sharing, in which if you share or post the URL on Facebook over or through some Bots. Facebook considers this as spam and blocks the URL on Facebook. So before sharing, share some things in mind.

How to unblock URL on Facebook?

So friends, now, finally learn, how unblock URL on Facebook? Because all bloggers know that a new blog never comes in Organic Traffic. And in such a crisis, you share our website on social media.

But when FaceBook blocks our URL, we have a problem because most of the traffic in social media comes from Facebook. So if your blog link / URL is blocked on Facebook, then following the steps given below, you can easily unblock your block URL from Facebook.

Easy Steps: How to Unblock URL on Facebook

  • The first thing to do is to log your Facebook ID into your device.
  • As soon as you go to the FB Help Center, you will see the forms associated with anti-spam, these have to be filled carefully.
  • First, you will see the URL box in which you have to write your domain URL.
  • Now you will see three options, out of which you have to select the first option (This is a Website I Own).
  • Now I have provided some sentences in the box below. Copy and paste the URL and the year in the Facebook Help Center and click on the Send button.

Hi, Facebook,
My website is perfectly safe and has been around since 2017. I often write very interesting articles and post my website links on my Facebook page, Unfortunately, it seems that the high traffic to my website from Facebook raised a warning flag in your system and labeled my website as UNSAFE It is very irritating to key in the security code, and even when l keep my website article l have to double confirm it (see attached). When my fans click to reach my link, you warn them to only follow links that they trust, as if my website has malicious content l tried to inform you several times on your feedback but to no avail, so l am now writing an email and hope it can be fixed. It is ridiculous how you punish creators like us who had been producing good original content on FB. You need to learn from Google how they reward content creators instead.
Thanks Regards

Now you have to wait for some time (24 hours to 72 hours). So that Facebook will analyze your URL and consider it as anti-spam and unblock your URL.

How to check if you have a Blog Link Block on Facebook?

So this is very simple. For this, all you have to do is log the Facebook ID into your device. Now you have to open Facebook’s Debug Tool. When your debug tool opens, you will be asked to enter the URL in the box.

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Now you have to put your Blog Link and click on Debug Button. Now if your domain URL is blocked on Facebook, then an error message will appear in front of you, in which we will write “We Are Unable to Review Your Site”.

But if your URL is not blocked, Facebook will investigate and review your URL and show the outcome of your domain in front of you.

How to prevent URLs from being blocked on Facebook?

So if anyone reports the link you have shared on other timelines or groups, then the URL is blocked.

So the best way is to share your link on your Facebook page and FB Groups. So even if someone reports, then there will be no problem. Because Facebook knows that the owner has a group so that Facebook will not block your link.


So friends I told you how to unblock URL on Facebook in the right way. Follow the step and unblock your URL. After unblocking your URL please don’t do any spamming activity like just sharing your links. Keep in mind facebook hate the links which drive user outside the Facebook. So share videos, photos, and text/links.

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