5+ Best Ways To Make Money as a Graphic Designer

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Are you a graphic designer and searching on google How to make millions of dollars with graphic designing? So this article is for you to keep reading and I will suggest you the 5+ ways to make money as a graphic designer.

Ways To Make A Lot of Money as a Graphic Designer here a lot of means milions. So let’s be continued.

Unique Freelancing

If you are a newbie in graphic designing you must be tried Fiverr and hopefully if you can’t get any order so you are disappointed but the first thing you have to do that must create a profile on other freelancing market places and start proposal.

Join Low Competition Market places like Eversquare where you can succeed soon. You must join this and Upwork and guru.com as you want more success.

If you want to continue with just Fiverr so you must work with micro categories, like in logo designing; simple logo design, minimalist logo design, and stylish logo design.

Offline Graphic Designing

make money as a graphic designer

If you really want to make a career in graphic designing and have an investment so must open a shop and I guaranteed that you will a lot of money while you offer designing services offline. Because there are many businesses that are not on the internet and want to advertise.

I personally know some peoples who are making a lot of money as a graphic designers working offline markets and having no time to scratching their heads.

Outside from Freelancing

If you are a passionate in graphic designing and worried about high competition on freelancing market places so you must try Facebook groups and olx.

I earned 2000PKR from just one free ad placing on olx. If I can so why you can’t.

Teaching with Videos

Share your experience with How-to videos. Your videos can be on youtube, Facebook page. When you start teaching other people will reach you and give you their projects. And you will be able to make money as a graphic designer in different ways.

By making videos you will have more opportunity to earn but be passionate and have patience.

One way will be monetization of your videos from google or facebook, second way from projects and third is to sponsored by some companies.

Online Sessions

In this manner, you will be able to earn an extra income to teach personally by charging a fee for your personal sessions and gave them tips for good graphic designing. So just start making videos on Social media and introduce yourself as a perfect graphic designer for their brand, for teaching them.


You are thinking that I am a graphic designer and what can be my relation with blogging?

Yes, your question is valid but the answer is yes you have a relationship with blogging make a smile, and lets forward.

just think the previous step you taught with videos but in this step, you taught with writing.

In this step you also be patient and your ways to earn will be more. You can monetize your blog with ad networks and you can earn from your services and sponsorships too.

Making websites

In this step, you have to design websites and sell them on the online marketplaces and you can also make the website of your own service with the blog. You can boost your earnings by promoting your website through paid advertising or SEO.


Every method I discussed will be possible only when you are a passionate graphic designer. Some of these methods can take more time but when you are passionate you cannot feel awkward and one day you will be able to make money as a graphic designer which will be in millions.

Want to Learn Advance level graphic designing so you must try these Graphic designer courses.

Happy Earning a Lot of Money as a graphic designer!

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